Spring Break.

This year i had an amazing spring break with some of my new friends i just met in Jefferson, Iowa. It was so nice being able to meet some great people. Over the week we all drove around in the car, we went to Grand Junction, Perry, Yale, and Ripley. We helped build a bedroom down in a nice basement, it was super hard work. We went out to eat at Dairy Queen/ Burger King they were combined together. After that we went to Walmart and just walked around. My friends names are Bailey which is a guy, Justin, Breeya, Jacob, Skyler and Fallon. They all kind of live out in the country. Me and breeya became really close after a while. I stayed with my friends the whole spring break like almost 7 days, it was pretty chill i guess. We ate a lot of food. We all spent Easter together yesterday at Justin’s aunts house her food was so good and then we had desert. Then we drove around again and then they took me home and i fell asleep soon as i reached my bed then i woke up late this morning.

Self Evaluation

I have 5 posts and 2 comments from the teacher. I favorite one was the food one because i love food and i can explain my favorite thing which is so good. I also like the nature one to because without trees we would not have oxygen. I like all the posts there all fun to write about.


Halloween is always the best time of the year. You always get so much candy and you get to dress up in weird, cool costumes and go walk around the neighborhood and get some candy. Or even pass out candy. Its super fun its always the greatest on October 31st the last day of October. Theirs always lots of haunted houses and stuff like fun activies that you can do its pretty cool.

Favorite Food.

Enchiladas are probably my favorite thing to eat because they run in my family they are so good we eat them like twice a month at least or more then that my mom and my grandmas make them homemade they first start out with making their own tortillas on this machine in our basement type thing, then they start making either chicken or just original meat and then make beans, then they cut up like onions, cheese, peppers, and lots of other stuff its super good. She layers then with cheese in and out side and then puts sauce on top of that. They bake in the oven for maybe ten minutes and then we make extra things on the side to make up a whole meal to eat and milk and juice or ice water and just sit down with our food and just watch a movie and eat at the same time and my mom makes at least 2 or maybe 3 pans of them because we eat a lot of them with sour cream and things like that its like our family recipe.


You never know what some people go through when they are not in public, or at school, or even nowhere near you. They could be going through struggles. There is a possibility they can be getting hurt or in trouble and you dont know nothing about it. So there should be no reason at all for others to treat you different because you never know what is happening in there life, when problems get to bad some family members might speak up some others wont. Just because they get to scared. They think that if they tell they will get in huge trouble, they would be scared to get abused by there mom, dad, aunt, etc. Some children get so scared to tell anyone so that they can sit down with fear in there body all day…and depression and anxiety. Some abuse can get so bad that they end up killing them. Even at any age if you get abused you still feel like who ever is doing it to you that they dont care about you or dont love you. They might love you but then they might not, people have children for a reason to take care of them and grow with them and act there mature age, if you love your kids then you should never abuse them, yeah you can spank them and all that but not beat them to where they are scared to even talk. Thats just not right.

Someone who passed away.

My grandmas mom which would be my great grandma passed away i think in like 2007. When she did that was the hardest for my family everyone was depressed for a while. She had 8 kids and two sets of twins my grandma is a twin with my aunt carol who passed away in 2002 because she was very sick. After her death everyone was just down like for almost a year we didn’t have any communications with any other part of our family until a year later which was very hard. My grandma got very stubborn and rude to everyone and it was just hard everyone just separated from each other for since then everyone’s gotten better and know that it was her time to go and that they were just thankful for everything she did for everyone she was a great person who deserved way more in life then what she had shes in a better place now. This is a Scottish terrier this is the type of dog my grandma had and her name was tush.